Candy Crush iphone screenshotI’ve learned a few things from playing waaay too much Candy Crush…

  1. Work hard to get lucky. A problem may often seem impossible, but if you keep at at it, attacking again and again, relentless, as much as your energy stash will allow…eventually things will fall into place and you’ll overcome the obstacle. Perseverance!
  2. One move at a time. Sometimes just the smallest change in circumstances can have a huge impact in the outcome of your circumstance. One small shift can put the right piece in the right place at the right time and trigger a series of new opportunities.
  3. Find the right approach. There are often multiple ways to achieve the outcome you desire. Sometimes it takes precise movement in a specific direction, sometimes you need to go for maximum impact you combining specialties, and sometimes you just need to focus on making fish. And sometimes there is more than one right approach to a problem.
  4. Keep your momentum. Sometimes being the best at something isn’t as important as being done with it and moving in to the next. High score, shmigh shcore. For a perfectionist, there’s always room for improvement. Come back at a later time with a new perspective and it may appear easier by comparison.
  5. Play it through. You never know when the stars will align and your next big power move is going to show up.
  6. Or not. Sometimes it’s ok to quit.  When it becomes obvious that the deck is not stacked in your favor and even with a stroke of luck, you aren’t going to meet your objective. Skip the frustration and rejection. Tap out. Come back fighting.
  7. Zzzzz. You only have so much energy to attempt success. Sometimes you have to rest up and recharge.
  8. Try try try. You may fail more than you succeed, but you will learn things from your losses and you may have small victories within those failures. You’ll get to the next level eventually and it will be so satisfying.
  9. Complexity = Concentration. The more variables there are to your problem—the more moving parts you have to align—the harder it can be to see the pattern or path to a solution. Go slow. It will come together eventually.
  10. This is your brain on drugs. You are being manipulated. Each sound effect, color and cheerful affirmation has been selected for maximum endorphin production to keep you coming back for more. Enjoy responsibly. :)


Candy Crush iPhone screenshot