Harvest helps me run my business. Check them out.

I’ve been using Harvest for several years now, first at a marketing and design agency with about 10 employees, and for the last 4 years as a sole proprietor. It saves me so much time, it’s like having an employee.

In Harvest I can set up each client and project with detailed notes and billing structures, then track my time spent against the project budget so I can see where I stand at any given time. I send my invoices directly to clients, based on my tracked time or fixed fee. I log payments received and review outstanding payments.

Favorite bits:

  • Easy-to-read, good-looking reports help me keep an eye on payments received, project budgets, expenses, and uninvoiced hours
  • Tallies keep track of how much billable work I have completed in a day/week (keeps me motivated).
  • Invoices are easy to produce and send with PayPal option for quick payments.
  • The Harvest team is always improving the software, down to the smallest interface element and are very responsive to questions and requests.

Lease favorite bits:

  • No overall profit/loss report for overview (it’s not an accountant).
  • No recurring expenses to log ongoing monthly fees automatically (like say, for Harvest)

In short, it’s pretty great and I couldn’t run my business without it. If you’re interested in checking out Harvest for yourself, please be so kind as to use this referral link: http://try.hrv.st/6-17691 

P.S. I’ve heard good things about Freshbooks too.