In putting together my portfolio for this site, and dealing with the self-reflection that goes with that process, I decided to dig out some photos of work from my life before digital design. I worked with Barney Judge as an assistant muralist for 5  years, painting signage, residential and commercial murals, and even faux-tiled outdoor fountains. Had it not been for a couple of specific projects that required Photoshop skills, I may not have gone into graphic design. But because we took on those projects, and I was able to learn as I went, I decided to sign up for the Graphic Design courses at WCC, and with the encouragement and guidance of a particularly helpful advisor (Kristinne Williman, thanks!), I found my way to my into the much cleaner world of digital design and it’s magical “undo” button.

Here’s a sampling of previous work. More can be found on the About page.